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Tension Link Dynamometer


  • Tension load cell for crane, winching, lifting, and hanging scale applications
  • Rugged design for resistance to side loading
  • Tension load accurate to 0.1% FS with multi-point calibration
  • Numerous tension capacities (10,000 lb and up)
  • Custom tension capacity available
  • Light weight and portable
  • Small size for reduced head space
  • Numerous options to display tension measurement


This dynamometer load cell is suitable for tension applications such as winching, hanging crane scale, and lifting systems.  Openings at either end of the crane load cell allow for easy connection to shackles, wire rope, or other rigging.  These hanging scales are available in capacities ranging from 10K lb to over 250K lb.  Custom dynamometer capacity, size and safety factor is also available upon request.  Each tension load cell is temperature compensated and completely environmentally sealed.


10K lb to 250K lb tension scales (standard models);
custom capacity tension scales available
Accuracy Tension load accurate to 0.1% FS with multi-point calibration
Safe Overload 200% full scale safe overload 
Ultimate Overload 400% full scale ultimate overload 
Full Scale Ouput 2 mV/V nominal
Maximum Excitation 5 volts DC
Operating Temp -40°C to +80°C
Compensated Temp -10°C to +40°C
Sealing Standard IP-67 protected from dust and high pressure jets of water
Material Nickel plated high strength alloy steel
Bridge Resistance 350 Ohm

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